Visit us during MINExpo 21′

Visit us at booth 6982 in the Central Hal

Miner Elastomer Products is excited to be back at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas, NV.  We will be showcasing our DEPENDABLE and DURABLE products in the Central hall in booth 6982.  This is our first in person live show since 2020 and we are happy to be back!   We are also very excited to see all of our customers’ and distributors’ in person and unveil a new wheel chock during the show!

MEPC® is known for innovative and dependable products and our newest wheel chock does not disappoint.   This NEW chock is durable and lightweight with an innovative handle to help users chock and unchock their vehicles quickly!  This chock is ideal for class 1-6 vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 lbs. and a tire diameter of 42”.  The handle on this chock is also easily installed and all you need is a 3/16” Allen Wrench!

Miner Elastomer Products also offers five different size wheel chocks as well.  These chocks are ergonomically designed and are virtually indestructible.

Miner Elastomer Products is also going be showcasing our haul truck suspensions during MINExpo as well.  These suspensions can be used on haul trucks ranging from 773 to 830 truck models.  We can also customize design suspensions for underground vehicles too.  These suspensions are virtually maintenance free and will reduce maintenance costs over the life of the suspension.  We have received nothing, but positive feedback regarding these suspensions! 

All of our wheel chocks, haul truck suspensions and shovel components are manufactured in the United States in our Geneva, IL facility.

EU-ROLLER® will also be also be on display in our booth.  These rollers are ideal for any loading or unloading conveyor system.  EU-ROLLER® is available in the following styles: Standard roller, Impact roller and Picking roller.  These rollers also meet the CEMA 502-2016 standards.  EU-ROLLER® provides numerous benefits including long bearing life, noise reduction and many more costs saving features for your conveyor application.  Most importantly EU-ROLLER® reduces the maintenance costs associated with your conveyor.  

Come visit us at booth number 6982 to find out more information about these great products.  You will also receive superior customer service when you work with Miner Elastomer Products.   We are a family-owned company and respond to inquires in a timely manner.   We hope everyone has a great show and we hope to see you soon!­­­

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Miner Elastomer Products Unveils New Website Design

Miner Elastomer Products is proud to unveil our rebranded website.  We have kept all of the great content related to our TecsPak® and EU-Roller® product lines and have reorganized the site to help users get information in timely and efficient manner! 

The homepage has been redesigned to showcase all of the work that we do in various industries.  This page now features our Mining Video as well.  In this video you can see our EU-Roller® conveyor rollers in action along with our TecsPak® shovel components, haul truck suspensions and wheel chocks.  This is a great video and it shows how Miner Elastomers Products helps all of our mining customers’ optimize their mining operations by reducing costs and maximizing production outputs.

All our TecsPak® products have been updated as well.  We have edited the products to show you key performance criteria which will help during the selection process for your application.  These performance criteria will enable you to see if a specific TecsPak® product will be able to meet your form, fit, and function criteria that your application requires.  Please note that if you ever need help selecting a TecsPak® product we have an engineering team onsite and ready to help!

Product descriptions have also been added to our mining products as well.  These product descriptions will help you save time by selecting a product for your mining operations.  For example, you can see right away that our EPM0111600 is a perfect chock for the following truck: Up to a 46″ (116 cm) tire diameter and gross vehicle weight of 26,000 lbs.  Similar descriptions have been added to our haul trucks suspensions as well!

We have also reorganized some of our products into more specific categories.  For example, now when you are selecting a TecsPak® E-Spring for your application you can search by the specific ID of the spring.  These ID’s range from 0.5” all the way up to 3.0” ID’s.  This reorganization will help users access specific spring information quickly and efficiently.  We have also made similar updates to the Heavy Radial Bumpers, TecsPak® Rectangular bumpers, and Radial Tube Bumpers.

We are excited about how the site looks and all the changes that have been implemented to help our customers’ access information quickly & efficiently.  We hope you enjoy the new and improved site and we look forward to hearing your feedback!  Remember there is nothing else on the market that can compare or compete against our TecsPak® products!

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Why you need to switch to EU-ROLLER™ NOW!!

All rollers come with a two year warranty!!!

Dependable and Durable rollers EU-ROLLER™ is a highly engineered product and is made out of durable and dependable HDPE material. In order to protect and provide longevity for the roller bearings EU-ROLLER™ uses a proven patented bearing caps and seal design.  This design ensures that no debris even in the harshest environment’s will get into the roller!   Our design will significantly reduce your conveyor roller maintenance.  

Noise Reduction Compared to Steel Rollers EU-ROLLER™ are made out of HDPE which helps reduce the amount of noise pollution is that present at your facility.  This is a key benefit for mines that have received negative feedback from local communities regarding noise pollution.   This noise reduction makes them perfect for manufacturing applications as well! 

Versatility EU-ROLLER™ offers three different designs depending on the needs of your conveyor.  These design include our Standard EU-ROLLER™, Impact, and Picking-Idler.  All of these rollers come in variety of sizes and meet the CEMA 502-2016 standard. .

To get more information about roller sizing and get a quote for these rollers please contact us at or call 630-232-3129!

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Virtual SME 2021

Miner Elastomer Products (MEPC®) is excited to be a part of the first ever virtual SME in 2021.  Be sure to connect with us during the show from March 1st until March 5th to find more information about our exciting products that will help optimize your mining operation!

MEPC® is a manufacturer of high-quality suspension and shovel components for the mining industry.  Miner Elastomer Products also offers wheel chocks and conveyor Idlers for your mining operations as well.  Our mining products are DEPENDABLE, DURABLE and COST EFFECTIVE.  Our EU-ROLLERS are certified to meet CEMA 502-2016 standards & fit a wide variety of existing conveyor framework!

EU-ROLLER uses high quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application. In order to protect and provide longevity for the bearings EU-ROLLER uses our proven patented bearing cap and seal design.

These rollers come in a wide variety of diameters and shaft sizes & configurations as well.

We are the only manufacture of TecsPak® products and are a key supplier in helping your mine meet its performance goals!  

Our TecsPak® rear suspensions have been installed on numerous mining trucks since the 90’s and are helping mines become more efficient by reducing maintenance time and costs.  Our suspensions use our proprietary TecsPak® material and don’t require any gas or oil to maintain the suspension.  These suspensions have also been successful specifically on water trucks for a lot of mines.

MEPC® also manufactures shovel components for the mining industry as well.  Our shovel components are OEM certified components and improve performance, reduce downtime and increase shovel output.  Our shovel components are designed to absorb maximum load capacities while reducing wear and tear on hinges and weldments within the bucket.

Our virtually indestructible wheel chocks for the mining industry can survive an accidental run over and will not cause any damage to your trucks tires.  They are ergonomically designed with five different sizes to suit your facility’s needs.  To see these chocks in action visit 

As you can see from just a few of our mining products Miner Elastomer Products® specializes in manufacturing products that will help generate more performance and extend the lifecycle of your equipment.  TecsPak® products are crucial components in helping your mining operations meet their maximum potential!  For more information contact us at 630-232-3129 or visit our website at

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EU-ROLLER™ Conveyor Idler Rollers are Built to Last in Extreme Conditions!

EU-ROLLER conveyor idler rollers are more cost effective, durable, and energy efficient than traditional conveyor belt rollers. Their superior performance means reduced downtime due to failure and cost saving over the life of the conveyor. EU-ROLLERS use quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application. You can see these rollers in action at

EU-ROLLERS are built to protect and provide longevity to your conveyor belt application. EU-ROLLERS does this through our proven patented bearing cap and seal design which contains specials seals. This design makes them perfect for harsh mining environments. EU-ROLLERS are also designed to meet the CEMA 502-2016 standard.

These design features allow the rollers to work in extreme operating conditions. An example of one of these extreme operating conditions that EU-ROLLERS excels in is below:

EU-ROLLERS can be purchased in three different models (standard, impact and picking idler). Each of these different models have unique properties that will help optimize your conveyor application.

For example, the Standard Equal Length and Standard Return rollers offer the following benefits for your conveyor application:

  • High resistance to wear
  • No damage to the belt
  • Non-corrosive roller body
  • Very low friction
  • Long bearing life
  • Lesser mass of the roller
  • Saving on start-up costs
  • Very low noise pollution
  • Shock resistant bearing cover
  • Eco-friendly

While the Impact and Pickling Idlers have the following benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Higher resistance to wear
  • Corrosive resistance roller body
  • Longer bearing life
  • Lighter mass of the roller

Miner Elastomer Products is proud to be your valuable partner when it comes to your mining operations! MEPC will continue to be an efficient and quality manufacture of haul truck suspensions, shovel components, wheel chocks and many more products that help improve your mining production output and increase the longevity of your equipment.

If you have any questions or if you need pricing and availability on our EU-ROLLERS please call us at 630-232-3129 or email us at Also, if you would like more information about our mining products please download a copy of our mining catalog at

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NEW TecsPak® Rectangular Bumpers

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC®) is excited to debut our TecsPak® Rectangular Bumpers to our standard product catalog.  We engineer all of products based on creating superior performance, extended product lifecycle and design versality for all our customers’. 

TRB bumpers are available in various sizes, at a standard length and are easily installed with two mounting bolts.  These elastomer bumpers are also made from two different types of TecsPak® material that provide different performance results depending on your application.  Please note that all TecsPak® material is rated on the Shore D hardness scale and for sizing and performance recommendations please contact us directly.

TRB bumpers are available in various sizes, at a standard length and are easily installed with two mounting bolts.  These elastomer bumpers are also made from two different types of TecsPak® material that provide different performance results depending on your application.  Please note that all TecsPak® material is rated on the Shore D hardness scale and for sizing and performance recommendations please contact us directly.

TRB elastomer bumpers can be found on garbage trucks, fire trucks, and even utility trucks.  These elastomer bumpers are designed for applications with moderate travel & end load and are also useful as end of travel stops for heavy loads.  This new line of bumpers also complements our existing line of Heavy Radial Bumpers (HRB) by providing more travel and unmatched performance.     TecsPak® Rectangular bumpers are ideal for any industrial application to prevent metal on metal contact and will absorb more energy compared to other energy absorbing materials on the market.  TRB’s will provide unmatched performance for your application and offer the following benefits for your application as well:

-Impervious to oils, chemicals & UV

-Design package flexibility along with superior performance over rubber and polyurethane

-Can perform in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 120°F

We are excited to unveil this new line of products for our customers’ and we cannot wait to work with you to design our TecsPak® Rectangular elastomer bumper into your application!  For more information about these products please contact us at 630-232-3129 or visit or website at

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Customer Service that you can rely on!

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC®) prides itself on providing exceptional customer service for all our customers’.  MEPC® is a family owned privately held organization that provides TecsPak® products to a wide range of markets.  Our TecsPak® products can be found on fitness equipment, lawn & garden equipment, automotive suspensions, and mining equipment.  Given the diversity of these markets, it is imperative that Miner Elastomer Products offers exceptional customer service to ensure that our customers’ specific requirements are fulfilled.

To guarantee that you receive the best possible support from Miner Elastomer Products we have a customer service team on site in Geneva, IL to help with any application support that you may need.  This team can also give you pricing on any of our TecsPak® products and provide updates on any existing purchase orders.  Our team has over 60 years of experience with working with TecsPak® in the numerous markets that we serve. 

The customer service team strives to answer all customers’ requests within 24 hours and focuses on being accurate and precise when it comes your orders.  Given our ISO 9001: 2015 standards, this team’s performance is tracked and monitored to ensure that the customer is receiving the best possible support. 

If there is any problems with any of the products that you received from Miner Elastomer Products Corporation; we are quick to address the issue as well.  The team will provide you with a return material authorization (RMA) within 24 hours and investigate the issue to find the root cause and correct the problem going forward.  We are the customers’ front line support and will work with our shipping, engineering and production team to make sure everyone is aware of the customers’ specific requirements.

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Effects of Hysteresis on TecsPak® Performance

Miner Elastomer Products just released a new technical paper from our engineering team regarding effects of hysteresis on TecsPak. Below the scope of the article:

One key advantage with TecsPak is that like most rubbers and elastomers, we have hysteresis which provides a certain level of damping. In fact, compared to most elastomers, TecsPak has a greater amount of hysteresis. As is typical with most elastomers, when they are compressed there is internal friction that generates heat. This heat is energy that the bumper absorbs from the system. Subsequently, the return or release curve has a lower force.

In comparison, a steel coil spring has no hysteresis. When the spring is compressed, it follows a linear line. Upon release, the load deflection curve is the same line as compression.

Typical TecsPak applications involve situations where the bumper is struck by a mass and is used to decelerate the moving object. The object rebounds and the bumper is reset for the next impact or cycle. However, there are many applications where the bumper is used in applications where the bumper is compressed before being further compressed. The compression can be achieved by either a static weight or by physically restraining the bumper at a height.

The following is an explanation highlighting the factors to be considered in applying a TecsPak product for these types of applications.

To download the complete article visit:

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Axial Bumper Sale for Distributors!

Miner Elastomer Products (MEPC®) is excited to announce a 10% discount off our TecsPak® axial bumpers on orders over $500 for the month of August.  This stock sale includes all our standard GBA & GBA-S TecsPak® bumpers.  To take part in this discount please reference AXIAL10 on your purchase order and the discount will be applied on your order confirmation!

MEPC’s axial bumpers can be used on a wide range of applications and are able to perform in harsh working environments. These bumpers also come in a wide range of sizes that will meet your customers design requirements and performance specifications as well!

GBA bumpers can be used for high load and high energy absorbing applications including Construction and Agricultural equipment.  While our GBA-S bumpers offer a medium load and energy absorption applications and are ideal for numerous industrial applications including packaging.  Both bumpers work great in emergency stop applications as well!

Please share this discount code with all your co-workers so they are aware of this great discount as well!  Now is the time to fill your shelves with our proprietary TecsPak® products!

****** This discount only applies to our list book pricing that has been established for all our distributors.

******This discount is only valid for participating distributors. 

******Discount code is only valid from 08/01/2020 until 08/31/2020.

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Virtual Trade Show

Miner Elastomer Products Virtual Booth

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC®) will be participating in our first ever virtual trade show on June 24th through the 26th.  The Virtual Trade Show of the Americas will feature companies from numerous industries and will feature companies in the automotive, agriculture and other industrial markets.

During the show we will showcasing our TecsPak® elastomer bumpers and .  TecsPak® is a highly engineered elastomeric product that absorbs more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials and can significantly outperform other materials.  This is due to the fact TecsPak® can absorb energy while the bumper is being compressed.  This feature makes it ten times more durable than rubber and twenty times more durable than urethane.  It is also resistant to many known chemicals and oils.  TecsPak® is proprietary to MEPC and its performance cannot be replicated.

Our General Product line started with 68 different models in 1985 and has been expanded to over 269 product offerings since. And there is another line to be introduced in early 2020!

We recognize that even with this many offerings, there will be applications where we still do not meet all the requirements. For these cases, we have a staff of engineers ready to look at the application, what bumpers were tried and why the performance was not met. We can use this information to provide a custom bumper for the specific requirements. Sometimes a solution can be as simple as using an alternate base material or making a small change to the parts geometry.

MEPC® also offers a wide range of Mining products that include haul truck suspensions, shovel components, wheel chocks and EU-ROLLERS conveyor idlers.  These products provide DEPENDABLE, DURABLE and COST EFFECTIVE performance for your mine. 

To find more information about TecsPak® and Miner Elastomer Products please visit our website at

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