Innovation Spotlight with BKE Racing

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Miner Elastomer Products prides itself on manufacturing innovative shock absorbing bumpers out of our proprietary TecsPak® material.  TecsPak® stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer Compression Spring Package and has been solving energy management problems for decades.  TecsPak® equipped products have been proven to outlast comparable products made of rubber, urethane, or steel.  This type of performance can be found on fitness equipment where our bumpers have lasted for 10 million+ cycles.

Handle BarMEPC’s engineering team has worked with numerous companies in various industries on a wide array of applications.  One recent application that we worked on with BKE Racing was providing shock isolation in the handlebars of a dirt bike.  This customer had years of experience with dirt bikes and noticed riders would experience fatigue, numb hands or arm pump from riding rougher tracks and trails.  This was due to the constant pounding and bigger hits that the bike would experience from these types of courses.  This lead to the creation of the Advanced Handlebar Isolation System (AHIS) which works as an additional suspension specifically for the handlebar on the bike.  AHIS allows the user to have a smooth ride and will isolate the bikes handlebar from whatever terrain they are riding on.  There are also a few different ways to mount the bumper depending on the terrain that you riding on.

  • Install bumpers forward for faster, rougher terrain like desert racing or faster cross country races.
  • Install bumpers back for a softer feel on slower terrain like you might get in more technical enduros or endurocross.

    GBA and GBA-S.png

This suspension system uses our TecsPak® GBA-S bumpers.  These bumpers are inert and their performance is not impacted by dirt, oils and other chemicals.  The GBA-S bumpers provide a longer travel with a softer entry and can withstand a peak force up to 5,000 lbs.


To see this great product in action check out  For more information about this product please feel free to email or call (905) 464-7064.  For more information about our TecsPak® products please visit or email us at

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