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Miner Elastomer Products is excited to be exhibiting at GIE for the first time ever!  MEPC is a dedicated supplier to the green industry and our TecsPak® bumpers provide innovative energy management solutions for various kinds of lawn and garden equipment in the industry.  TecsPak® bumpers are a highly engineered elastomeric product designed to absorb more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials.  TecsPak® is ideal for shock isolation and vibration isolation in the deck of the mower and in the seat/platform as well!  During this show we will be showcasing our axial, radial and crane bumpers along with the rest of our general line products!

Our GBR radial bumpers can replace the steel seat coils/springs for a smoother and quieter ride. These bumpers are used when there is a need for continuous and soft energy absorption. This bumper can be easily installed and a screw mounts this bumper to any surface where the energy of motion needs to be controlled.

Our GBA axial bumpers can be used in the suspension of the lawn mower and it absorbs shock similarly to the way it works in a car’s suspension. These bumpers provide isolation in the deck suspension due to their ability to endure a higher load capacity. This bumper also provides a smoother ride and reduces stress and strain on the knees and joints of the operator.

TecsPak® crane bumpers can be used in both the seat suspension and deck suspension on the mower.  These bumpers are very versatile and are built to handle extreme loads.  Another versatile product that will be at the show is our E-spring line. TecsPak® e-springs can replace steel coil springs by providing greater endurance and resilience.

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