Come Visit us at booth #S63512

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) is excited to be showcasing our TecsPak® products next week during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.  Our products will be on display at booth number S63512 in the South Hall.  We will be showcasing our general product line of bumpers and springs, wheel chocks and vehicle suspensions.  MEPC is also very excited to debut our new Industrial video during this show as well.

Our axial and radial bumpers are ideal for any energy or shock absorbing application that you may have. TecsPak® is 10 times more durable than rubber and 20 times more durable than urethane and it can be used in virtually any application where the energy of motion needs to managed or controlled.  Our axial bumpers can withstand a peak force up to 19,000 pounds while our radial bumpers provide longer travel for a softer entry.  Our radial and axial bumpers are lightweight and can be easily mounted to your application.

MEPC’s E-springs offer significantly greater energy absorption along with superior endurance and resilience compared to rubber, polyurethane and coiled steel springs.  TecsPak® springs are also 1/3 of the weight and provide a cost-effective alternative to steel springs as well.

TecsPak® heavy radial bumpers, radial tube and crane bumpers preform dependable in various industries due to their ability to perform in harsh working conditions.  TecsPak® will not dry rot or crack and is impervious to most chemicals and oils.  Also, our crane bumpers meet existing industry standards for OSHA and CMAA.

If none of our general line products meet your performance requirements we can create a custom part for your application.  Our design engineers have experience in numerous industries and will be able to assist you in finding the right product for your energy management solution.

We will also be showcasing our wheel chocks that are built to withstand harsh working conditions.  Our chocks perform dependably even in cold weather conditions.  MEPC’s wheel chocks can even survive an accidental run over and they won’t damage to your vehicles tires.  Even after the wheel chock has been ran over you can still use the chock to service your vehicles.

Our suspensions use our proprietary TecsPak® material as well.  These suspensions don’t use any oil or nitrogen and are virtually maintenance free. Our suspension help keep your trucks running as long as possible so you can maximize your production time.

MEPC will be featuring our industrial video for the construction and agricultural industry during this show as well.  This video features our e-springs, heavy radial bumpers, radial tube bumpers, crane bumpers and our popular axial and radial bumpers.  You can also see the wide range of industries that our products service and machinery that our parts are on!

See you at booth number S63512 during the show!




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