Miner Elastomer Products at SME 2017!


Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) will be showcasing our energy absorbing mining products during the 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 119th National Western Mining Conference in Denver, CO from February 19th-22nd.  Our unique TecsPak® products will be on display in booth 1448.  These products include mining suspensions, shovel components for mining shovels and wheel chocks for various vehicles used in the mining industry.

Be sure booth 1448 is on your agenda so you can find out how TecsPak® can help you save money by preventing wear and tear on your valuable and essential mining equipment.  TecsPak® is a unique highly engineered elastomeric product that absorbs more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials.  This material improves your machines performance, reduces downtime and helps maintain the longevity of your equipment.

TecsPak® is used in our mining suspensions and allows drivers and passengers to experience a smoother ride in rough terrain.  Also, our suspension are virtually maintenance free and don’t require any gas or oil to maintain the suspension.  TecsPak® is also used in our mining shovel products.  These products range from latch bar pads, jounce bumpers, snubber pads and bucket door bumpers. For more information about our mining suspension or shovel components please visit our website at www.minerelastomer.com.

Last of all, be sure to stop by the booth and mention this blog post for a 10% discount on our premium wheel chocks.  These wheel chocks are known for their superior performance and durability in harsh mining conditions. Our chocks can even withstand an accidental run over from a 240 ton mining truck.

We are looking forward to SME this year and we cannot wait to see you at our booth!


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