Dependable and Durable Wheel Chocks

wheel-chocksMiner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has had a busy few months displaying our products at MINExpo in September and Salon Industriel in October.  We had a great time at both of these shows and we were able to meet numerous industry professionals.  During MINExpo we debuted our new corporate mining video, two new wheel chocks and offered a 10% discount on our wheel chocks.

We received nothing, but positive feedback during MINExpo.  Everyone was really interested in our wheel chocks and got to experience how lightweight and user-friendly these chocks really are.

Our largest wheel chock that we offer only weights 35 lbs. and can hold up to a 240 ton truck.  Also, users can pull out our wheel chocks from underneath their vehicle with the built-in handle on the back of the chock or from the sides of the wheel chock.

All of our wheel chocks are built to withstand the harsh working conditions that are present in the mining industry and other industries as well.  Our chocks perform dependably even in cold weather conditions.  MEPC’s wheel chocks can even survive an accidental run over and they won’t damage to your vehicles tires.  Even after the wheel chock has been ran over you can still use the chock to service your vehicles.

These wheel chocks are great for numerous other industries as well!  Our smallest wheel chocks are made for Class 1-8 vehicles and can be used on semi-trucks, utility trucks and many other vehicles that fall into this grouping.

MEPC is also excited to announce that we will offer a 10% discount on our premium wheel chocks to any customer ordering wheel chocks for the first time.  This promotion gives customers the opportunity to test our wheel chocks on their fleet of trucks.  Which will allow you to see our wheel chocks durability and dependability in action. For pricing and availability contact us at 630-232-3129 or email us at

To see our wheel chocks in action please check out our mining video at Also, please visit Miner Elastomer Products at SME during February 19-22 at booth number 1448.  We will also be at CONEXPO-CON/AGG during March 7-11 at booth number S63512.  For more information please visit about Miner Elastomer Products Corporation please visit or call 630-232-3129.





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