MINExpo 16

Miner Elastomer Products is very excited to be exhibiting at MINExpo 2016.  We have been very busy preparing for this show and we cannot wait to introduce our two newest wheel chocks to the mining industry and show everyone our new mining video and our redesigned website.  MEPC is also very excited to be offering a 10% discount on our premium wheel chocks during this show as well.

MEPC will be featuring our proprietary TecsPak® products at booth number 7527 in the central hall.  We will be showcasing our mining struts, shovel components and wheel chocks.  Our mining struts and shovel components use our proprietary TecsPak® material.  TecsPak® is an engineered elastomeric product that absorbs more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known elastomers.  Our products are designed for all types of mining environments, reduce downtime and increase your equipment’s performance.


Miner Elastomer is also excited to introduce our two newest wheel chocks to our family of products.  We now have wheel chocks designed for utility trucks (EMP0111600) and underground shuttle cars (EPM0111800).  Both of these wheel chocks have been designed to be more user friendly and have a handle incorporated into the chock for easy removal. These chocks are also very lightweight.  Last of all we have added wings to the side of the wheel chock for additional stability.  All of our wheel chocks come in safety orange and are virtually indestructible.

During MINExpo 2016 we will be offering a 10% discount on our premium wheel chocks.  We will be running this promotion until the end of October.  Make sure you stop by the booth so you can see how lightweight and user friendly these wheel chock really are.  Also, be sure to check our wheel chock video that shows a 240 ton mining truck running over our wheel chocks.

Last of all Miner Elastomer Products has been hard at work updating our mining video along with our corporate website.  We are excited to showcase both of these new platforms to the mining community.  Our new mining video features our haul truck suspensions, shovel components and wheel chocks.  It has been completely redesigned and features numerous employees from Miner Elastomer Products.  Some of our employees have between ten and thirty years of experience working for MEPC.  Our corporate website has been redesigned to be more user friendly so visitors can get all of the information they need in just a few clicks.  There is also a new feature that allows users to compare products to ensure they select product for their application.

For more information about Miner Elastomer Products be sure to stop by booth #7527 during MINExpo 2016.  We will have our engineering and sales team on site to answer any questions you may have about our proprietary TecsPak® products.  We look forward to seeing you at the world’s largest mining show!

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