Miner Elastomer’s Impact on the Mining Industry

Miner Elastomer Products is a manufacturer of high-quality suspension and shovel components for the mining industry.  Our proprietary TecsPak® material gives our customers significant improvements in their product lifecycle by improving performance, reducing downtime at the mines and increasing haul truck & shovel output.

MEPC is a Direct OEM Tier 1 supplier for the mining industry and our products include shovel components, wheel chocks, heavy-duty pads & overtravel rings, TecsPak crane bumpers and heavy radial bumpers.Shovel Components for Mining

Our shovel components are designed to absorb maximum load capacities while reducing wear and tear on hinges and weldments within the bucket.  This can be seen in our snubber pad assemblies, latch bar bumpers, bumper door buckets and boom bumper assemblies.  

MEPC’s wheel chocks are optimized for mining haul truck applications.  These wheel chocks are strong, lightweight and crush-resistant.  They also meet OSHA and MSHA performance requirements. 

Miner Elastomers heavy-duty pads and overtravel rings are used for an array of applications within the mining industry as well.  Our TecsPak material is inert so it does not delaminate, dry rot or flake apart.  TecsPak is also impervious to most chemicals and greases as well.

Our general bumpers can also be found on different types of mining equipment in the
industry as well.  
TecsPak crane bumpers were designed to meet the minimum requirements for existing industry standards, OSHA and CMAA, through the use of a unique “dual-concept” for the device’s spring rate.  These bumpers are a proven, cost-effective choice for energy management systems with excellent resistance to chemicals and humidity.  Finally, our heavy radial bumpers are ideal for applications that require high loads and limited travel.  These bumpers are commonly used for haul truck body isolators and steering stops.

For more information about MEPC and TecsPak please visit our website and request a copy of our complete mining catalog through our website.


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