Miner Elastomer Attends The GIE+Expo

At Miner Elastomer, we are committed to both supporting our customers and staying abreast the latest trends within the many markets we serve. One of the markets that we serve is the green industry and the GIE + Expo has a plethora of information on the current trends and events within this market.

If you weren’t in attendance or haven’t heard about the GIE + EXPO, it’s one of the largest and prominent expos for the lawn and garden industry. With hundreds of exhibitors (some of whom use our patented TecsPak ® material on their products), a 19-acre outdoor demonstration area, and numerous new products on display makes this expo a premier event for industry professionals.

Miner Elastomers’ TecsPak ® GBR and GBA bumpers were featured on numerous riding lawn mowers at this expo. Our GBR bumper can replace the steel seat coils/springs for a smoother and quieter ride. These bumpers are used when there is a need for continuous and soft energy absorption. This bumper can be easily installed and a screw mounts this bumper to any surface where the energy of motion needs to be controlled.

Our GBA bumper can be used in the suspension of the lawn mower and it absorbs shock similarly to the way it works in a car’s suspension. These bumpers provide isolation in the deck suspension due to their ability to endure a higher load capacity. This bumper also provides a smoother ride and reduces stress and strain on the knees and joints of the operator.

For more information about our general bumpers please visit our website at www.minerelastomer.com 


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