The Standard For Shock Absorption Material: TecsPak®

At Miner Elastomer Products, we have developed a product that has become a remarkable success for many industries who formally depended on rubber, urethane or steel for a variety of shock absorption applications. These classic materials have been used for several years in the shock absorption industry and their physical properties don’t provide the results that TecsPak® is known for.

In the chart below we compared TecsPack’s® properties to other shock absorption material and it is easy to see why TecsPak® is the superior choice. It outperforms other material in energy absorption per weight and volume along with providing superior endurance and resilience. Other benefits include repeatability, flexibility (elasticity), chemical resistance and the ability to perform in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 120 °F.

Our patented TecsPak® material is the standard in shock absorption material and is great for mining, oil and gas, fitness equipment and many other industries that require shock absorption and energy management.


About Miner Elastomer Products:
For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has supplied the global industrial marketplace with quality manufactured TecsPak® thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems. We serve many markets including Automotive, Transportation, Mining, Appliance, Sporting Goods/Exercise Equipment and Energy Management/Shock Absorption Applications.


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