The Mining Engineering Tradeshow

MPEC or Miner Elastomer Products Corporation is a revolutionary endeavour. For over two decades, it has constantly evolved to offer cutting edge products in the sectors of automobile parts, transport equipment, mining and energy management.

This drive of MPEC impels it to be at the centre of industry trends! Be it the GIE+EXPO tradeshow for the lawn mowing industry or the Mining Engineering Tradeshow, Miner Elastomer is always up front with its array of innovative products.

This time around MPEC is exhibiting its wheel chocks for mining hall trucks, shovel components for mining shovels, and the suspension systems for haul trucks.

Miner Elastomer defines its wheel chocks as ‘Elephant strong’ using a riveting image of a pachyderm in full thrall radiating stability and raw power. Chocks are often completely disregarded even by industries that need to make frequent use of towing equipment. Thus in one stroke MPEC looks to not only extoll the virtues of its offering but also raise awareness to ensure that accidents do not happen from a small oversight like not using a wheel chock. The chocks on display range from 7.5 inches in length (and 4.63 pounds) all the way up to 18 inches (and a whopping 35 pounds). Thus, both pickup truck as well as payload automobile owners can benefit from the tradeshow and come away with chock usage best practices.

Without a power shovel or mining shovel, extraction of rocks and other fragmented debris may become an insurmountable challenge. And every shovel is only as good as its components. Taking its tradition of attention to detail to the next level, MPEC is exhibiting a catalogue of snubber part assemblies, bucket door assemblies, latch bar wear pads and boom bumper assemblies of premium quality designed to improve performance, reduce downtime due to maintenance and increase shovel output.

Last but not the least; Miner Elastomer is also featuring its suspension system for haul trucks boasting payload capabilities ranging from 100 tons all the way to 240 tons. Packed with Elastomeric pads that are significantly different than the old Rubber technology you may be familiar with the suspension system components act as the lifeblood of heavy hauling. They do not require oil to operate or nitrogen to recharge and are incredibly low maintenance to boot. Lowering the total cost of operation.

The Mining Engineering Tradeshow is a congregation of paradigm shifting equipment(s). MPEC’s participation has further strengthened the trend, offering affordable, long lasting and durable alternatives to traditional steel and iron parts largely eliminating maintenance hassles, corrosion and breaking point issues from the mining industry equation.


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