The World’s Largest Haul Truck

As a major supplier of thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems to the global mining industry, we are always staying on top of the latest mining news. We love seeing new technology emerge.

Take, for example, BelAZ’s new 450-metric ton (mt) haul truck, the largest hauler in the world. It’s a very impressive machine. The Belarusian firm’s BelAZ-75710 is engineered with some pretty incredible and unique features, and it’s attracting attention around the world.

Based on the success of their 360-mt haul trucks, this newest giant was designed to “achieve reliability, compactness, and a significant capacity increase of truck in conjunction with all safety standards,” says Oleg Stepuk, BelAZ’s chief engineer. Some of its many design features include:

  • Eight wheels with radial tubeless pneumatic tires that can together support 816 mt
  • Two articulation points that achieve a turning radius of 19.8 m and operate under the same road width limits as the 320 mt to 360 mt trucks
  • An anti-roll bar that creates an improved suspension system, “ a special element” unique to this truck
  • Made-from-scratch Siemens electric propulsion systems, with tipping and unloading that “appears to be the most powerful in the world”
  • Powerful hydraulics that can overcome a protracted longitudinal gradient of up to 12% while reaching a maximum speed of 64 km per hour

The company built new facilities to accommodate the trucks and increased business, and the entire project will total over $440 million. Luckily, there are already a good amount of current and future interested parties, who will be shelling out between $8 and $9 million for the impressive machines.

As the first truck of its kind, we believe it’s an exciting new development for the mining industry, and we’re excited to hear more about it as its use becomes more prevalent.

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