American Made Really Does Matter

Innovation. Strength. Ingenuity. Determination. These traits helped build the America that dominated the world. These are also qualities of the people who drive industry, manufacturing, and business today. But, there is another force that can help bring the manufacturing industry back to a place of esteem that it once held:  Shopping. Confused?

America’s manufacturing industry isn’t thriving as it once was. With the rise of overseas markets producing goods more cheaply than we could in this country, America has lost manufacturingday6manufacturing jobs by the millions. Companies making goods here couldn’t compete with the cheaper overhead costs and low wages of overseas manufacturers. But as the costs of manufacturing overseas increases, and our country’s energy boom bringing down costs for manufacturers in the U.S., it is now a great time to become aware of how each one of us can help the economy and our neighbors by being a little more aware this holiday season.

The organization American Made Matters® is leading the charge to bring back the American dream. They have declared Nov. 19th as American Made Matters® Day and are hoping that Americans will join the movement to buy goods that are made in this country. With a simple act of buying American, you are personally responsible for making a difference to the economy.  American Made Matters® has laid out some simple facts:

  • For every $1 spent on American-made goods, an additional $1.35 is invested in the U.S. economy.
  • For every one manufacturing job, another three jobs are created.
  •  If $64 of the $700 the average American family spends on holiday gifts is spent on American-made goods, 200,000 jobs could be added to the U.S. economy.

It is a very do-able request because there are manufacturers producing goods across all consumer segments. From clothing to home goods, U.S. labor and expertise equipped and ready with high-quality products. And, as an added bonus, these goods are environmentally friendly because they meet U.S. standards and require less energy to reach their final destinations.

As a company that has been manufacturing products in the U.S. for over 120 years, Miner Elastomer Products understands the difficulties that manufacturers have faced over the years. It is with pride that we can say that we have never outsourced our production and we want to support others who are committed to making goods in the U.S., employing our neighbors and friends, and adding to the national economy.

It is important to our customers to know where their products are made and we hope that you will look for gifts this holiday season that are Made in the U.S.A.



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