The Difference the Right Shuttle Car Suspension Makes

The role of shuttle cars in underground mining is absolutely essential—their reliability and level of productivity is counted on by the industry as a whole. When it comes to the shuttle car components everything is riding on their quality. This is especially true for shuttle car suspensions.

Our TecsPak® underground shuttle car suspensions—custom designed to each manufacturer’s requirements—are unlike anything else in the market. They are completely free of oil and nitrogen, which makes all the difference in an underground environment.  If the oil and/or nitrogen leaks, it could cause major problems. We eliminate this potential problem by eliminating the hazardous oil and nitrogen altogether.  This is an environmentally-friendly product—the only one of its kind.

We also do not use air bags, which are another cause of potential down time. Air bags are known to leak, requiring constant monitoring and frequent recharging—another problem we have eliminated. Furthermore, TecsPak® suspensions are virtually maintenance-free. While the upfront costs are a bit higher, our TecsPak® underground shuttle car suspensions will prove to be more cost effective over the life of the product, leading to a lower cost of ownership, making the initial investment more than pay for itself.

Any shuttle car manufacturer knows the importance of a well-made, reliable vehicle, and the amount of people who are counting on that. By choosing the best suspensions on the market, you’re guaranteed to keep that competitive edge.

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