Rapid Prototyping of Shock Absorption Components: The Benefits of Repeatable, Scalable TecsPak®

Many of the products we manufacture here at Miner Elastomer are custom designs. Customers come to us for various reasons, and at various stages in production. Some contact us towards the end of their project with the parameters they need already established. Others come to us earlier with less defined parameters. Others still come to us with warranty repairs or replacements. Their current part is creating a warranty issue, and they want something that will do a better job.

No matter what the application, we pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture parts that are up to the task. If our customers don’t know exactly what they need, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. First, we ask them pertinent questions to gather relevant information. From there, we have an empirical database that we draw from in order to significantly cut down design time.

For customers with more established parameters, we search our database for past applications that will meet those parameters. If available, we’ll select several designs as a starting point. From there, we work with our customers to zero in on one specific design. Then, depending on where in the project they are, we can provide them with a sample for testing, or a finished part outright. If the needs of their project fall outside of our past applications, we’ll get to work engineering a new part.

When designing a part, we nail down the dimensional data early on. Going off of feedback from the customer, our design team can help nail down the final specifications.

The key to our product design process is our proprietary TecsPak® material. Due to the inherent scalability of the material, we can manufacture a small part, run a test, and know that we can scale that part up to gain the load we want. The information in our database helps us determine what size to scale up to. TecsPak® is also a repeatable material. As such, we’re able to machine prototypes, and once a design is selected we can move to injection molding without a loss of performance.

These properties are unique to TecsPak®. Rubber and urethane parts typically need to be injection molded from the start. By avoiding molding until production, our customers can get a machined prototype in their hands without investing in expensive tooling. What’s more, we can use the prototype to gauge what our tooling will look like, allowing us to make more accurate predictions regarding tooling costs.

Shock absorption is a critical factor in equipment manufacturing. Every piece of equipment is subject to shock in its own unique way, and if that shock isn’t handled properly, it can cause serious wear on critical components. By utilizing shock absorbers built for the task at hand, manufacturers can increase overall quality and prolong the life of their equipment.



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