Providing Flexibility and Durability with TecsPak®

Here at Miner Elastomer Products, we offer a broad range of standard shock absorption products. Complementing these is our ability to design custom solutions tailored to your application. At the heart of all of these products is TecsPak®, our proprietary elastomeric energy absorption material. Where other companies utilize rubber, urethane and coil steel springs, we use TecsPak®.

One of the frequent challenges of designing shock absorption products is a lack of space. Often times, two parts are too close together to accommodate the necessary shock absorber. Without the required space, the shock absorber can’t do its job. TecsPak® is engineered to address this problem. Because it achieves more energy absorption than rubber or urethane of equal weight and volume, less TecsPak® is required to do the same job. This allows TecsPak® products to fit into tighter spaces.

In addition to providing design flexibility, TecsPak also addresses another key concern associated with shock absorption products: durability. Tests have demonstrated that TecsPak is 10 times more durable than rubber, and 20 times more durable than urethane. A longer product life means lower costs over time, making TecsPak® products cost effective as well as efficient.

Our highly experienced staff is here to provide you with the optimal shock absorber for your application, whether by recommending a standard product or designing a custom solution. Our TecsPak® material grants these products a long life cycle, while ensuring that they provide optimal shock absorption.

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